Discover new ways to teach kids spatial and creative intelligence. LeveLisa features PUZZLES that promote problem solving & logical thinking skills, and ART TOOLS that will stimulate your students’ creativity. Install for free today!


Once a puzzle is solved, the entire screen becomes an open art canvas. With beautifully illustrated tangrams & Magic Tools, kids can unleash their creativity and build their own Art Gallery!


With over 500 unique puzzles, each Fun Fair store presents a unique way of solving tangrams. Also, every time a puzzle is solved, kids get to play random mini-games designed to develop their cognitive skills. 


"LeveLisa is a perfect blend of logic, art and creativity! My students enjoyed solving the puzzles but, really loved the art tools and being able to customise their creations. This game aligns perfectly with my STEAM curriculum plus it is FUN!"
Laura Prymak, USA
PreK-5 STEAM Teacher